by ultra doux

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words over tracks by munno, drk, spcbr, shlohmo, surrenderdorothy

far from home w a microphone


released June 11, 2015



all rights reserved


ultra doux New York, New York

witchy indigenous school girl

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Track Name: gone (powder interlude prod. drk)
said it quick so u wouldn't leave
late night, highway
in the passenger's seat

u touched my back so delicately 
said I'd try, but I don’t  
see ur life without me

ur seminole girl
wild garden to be
an indigenous seed
sleeping deep within me

held me down like the moon
when she first saw the sea
a rotation with earth
in our own gravity

walk the streets of this city alone
head full of songs
that I sing on my own

grow on my own
create on my own
softly break down the walls
of a house that is gone
Track Name: simple (prod. spcbr)
black coffee, my spoonfuls of honey
ur dreams in a loop on a screen in my head
alarm set for infinity
don’t know what’s gotten into me
think I will go back to sleeping instead

so tired of this bullshit
excuses, excuses
it’s time that I shine
move aside, like I said

men think that they own me
entitled and horny
catcall one more time
get the glock, now ur dead

said I was ur sunshine when I smiled
but I’m stronger with these eyes opened wide
lost my vision once
ur dreams in a loop on a screen in my head

still I pretend ur there
when no one cares
u touch me right
fuck me, lust must be
u saying "please"
"baby just for me"
it's exhausting
the way u ignore me
never looked me in the eyes

my wallet some money, a few of my IDs
the things that I lose I replace
too long I pretended
my loss was a friend
the face of a wolf hiding skin of a snake
Track Name: circles (prod. munno)
I want to feel pieces
of u on my body
ur eyes making circles
I want u to want me

wings, blush
my black dress
my chain, heavy shellfish
alone for a while
but u make me feel selfless

checkin my phone
waitin for a reply
tryna be cool
but u stay on my mind

4pm coffee
some emails to write
got my head in the clouds
couldn’t sleep the whole night

one touch would be magic

insanely attracted
one smile & it happened

awfully calm
although my chest was in knots
a girl I knew
she introduced
it was a friday at this show u did

a quiet confidence
low-key, not too serious
laughed a little while
in your hypnotic fucking ambience

embarrassed to admit it
I think ur the coolest

writing down my deepest
insecurities & weaknesses
like phrases on a post-it
hope u notice
that I feel like this

is this real?
I’m counting to ten
maybe then I’ll be closer

is this real?
don’t know u
but need to be
wrapped in ur circles
Track Name: collected
flowers peeking thru concrete
trick me, into thinking
this life will grow green

wind is blowing
earth is showing
what grandmother told
us she saw in a dream

he comes from suburb
he comes from winter
hands full of cherries
& words just for me

the whole world on a golden string
tall boys with blue eyes
they get everything

baby don’t make it
too complicated
text in daytime
remember my name

spanish or asian?
caribbean maybe?
after sometime
girl they all look the same

they think they know me
but they don’t know shit
indigenous bodies
forgotten and shamed

not like those bitches
your girl is different
but in the end
I’m still part of his games

like name plaques for exotic plants
displayed fondly
in my over anxious stance
my lips r pink r red r blue
I want to be
collected by u

another flavour of candy to taste
magic mystery
carefully encased
my lips r pink r red r blue
I want to be
collected by u

(collected by u)

I burn my sage loud
I wear my braids proud
I say my name now
in mikasuki

unconquered princess
but still I’m trippin'
stuck in his vision
this version of me
Track Name: dontbeafraidibroughtmyknife (surrenderdorothy remix)
rips in my tights
but I stay real proper
holes in my vans, got no man
so I prosper

gold in ur teeth
satan’s soul in ur teeth
talked with god the other night
said ur the only thing for me

I come aware and corrected
a heavy chain on my chest it’s
nothing but love I neglected, so

I walk the path, a double life
fuck it up or get it right
sipping kombucha never sprite, and

I see the fakes tryna say what’s real
nothing but 10’s that’s my only deal

I’m feeling ripe, fresh and clean
said goodbye at seventeen
now there’s only room for me